Improving the quality of life for the orphans of Jamaica


Embracing Orphans raises funds for programs and projects that make a major impact on children in state care in Jamaica. The current areas of our fundraising are the Father's House, our missionaries in Jamaica - Mark & Terah Wade, our exchange program for children in state care, and the Jamaica Young Life Camp.

The Father's House is a newly purchased property for Embracing Orphans. This nine-bedroom, six-bathroom home boasts a great veranda, and two spacious kitchen/dining/living rooms. The Father's House will be used as a new girls home for the Child Development Agency of Jamaica through a partnership with Embracing Orphans. This home will house many of the young ladies that Embracing Orphans worked with at the former Windsor Girls' Home. The total cost on the home is $300,000 U.S.

Our assistance within The Father's House will include staffing house parents for the girls. Mark and Terah Wade of Portland, Oregon will be continuing their work with the former Windsor Girls as mother and father of the house. Our budget for the Wades is currently being constructed.

Two teens from the former Windsor Girl’s Home are taking part in in Jamaica’s first year-long high school exchange program for the 2011-2012 school year. This is our second exciting new project. The exchange program includes host families, a well-rounded high school education, counseling, a large support group, and discipleship through Young Life. We are thankful to Amicus, the Young Life exchange program, for their assistance in charting this new territory. We would like this program to continue yearly. The cost per girl for the year is $7,000 US.

Young Life Camp Jamaica is provided for girls who are living in state care; abused, neglected, orphaned, and trafficked. The camp provides a hopeful setting a distance away from their current homes. In the past Embracing Orphans has rented Moorlands Camp in Mandeville, Jamaica. The Young Life Camp presents an incredible speaker, talented musicians, lots of relationship building, and a safe place to learn about the love of the Father in Heaven. In addition to reaching out to the spiritual needs of these girls, Embracing Orphans supplies many practical needs - including new swimsuits, slippers, dresses, undergarments, toiletries, and other gifts to meet their immediate needs and honor them. Some of the highlights for this camp include a trip to a waterfall, a zip-line canopy tour, and a spa day. During the spa day, cabin leaders and staff wash the girls' feet, give them pedicures, and treat the girls to a professional haircut and style. It is a great chance to show these girls that they are worth being treated well. The camp costs approximately $400 US, per girl who attends.

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